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During Jeff’s live presentation “Brian’s Story”, he talks about the need for everyone on the job to get involved in safety and the safety processes. He asks people to step up and make a difference by having the courage to intervene with co-workers when they see unsafe acts or conditions. His presentation brings out the point that safety is really about our families, and our co-workers families. His talk points out that on average 13 people a day are killed on the job in America and 8,000 people a day seek medical treatment from injuries sustained on the job. This is every day in America. These statistics are a sobering wakeup call for many workers. Then finally, he shares the story of his son Brian, and the events of the day that he was killed in a totally preventable accident on the job.
His talk is a call for action for people to make a difference. It is a very high impact and emotional presentation for the audience and they will walk away with the sense to get involved in your company’s safety efforts.

Quote: “In safety, what we feel and how we think doesn’t make a difference. It’s what we do. You have to step up to make a difference.” Jeff Bell







A very common man with a sincere delivery of a powerful message.  Thankfully I do not have this life experience.  I am just grateful that someone who has this experience cares enough about humanity to tell this story.  You are truly an inspired leader.  I appreciate the reference to combat and the statistics.  Tell your story to everyone on earth!
Constance Nance – United Marine Corp, Combat Development Center

One of the most powerful stories and presenters I have ever seen. Hearing this story is a testament to what we as a working community are trying to keep from happening. It was an incredible story that will stick with you. Needed a bigger room, it was standing room only. You need to have Kleenex on every seat.
Linda Bryant – Safety in Action Conference Evaluation

Told from the heart!  Jeff you have great communication skills, you are a wonderful speaker.  You tie together why we as safety professionals do what we do with real life experience.  Good luck, keep spreading “Brian’s Story”.  I know I will.  It touched my heart.
Steve Owens – ConocoPhillips

Jeff is one of the best presenters I have ever seen. The story he shares is so tragic. Instead of being bitter he uses it to teach others and I have complete respect for him. It is people like him that actually “Make a Difference” in this world.
Kevin Wright – Kapstone Paper

I liked everything about your presentation.  In fact, it is really the best presentation I have ever been to in the 12 years that I have worked in the oilfield. It will stick with me for a lifetime!
Greg Bowen – ASRC Energy Services


You use an example that is close to the heart and personal.  As parents we can all grasp the importance of everyday observations, in the home and at work.  This story has motivated me to make a difference.  I don’t know how you find the strength to do this.  It was very warm and moving.  This is the best presentation that I have ever been to. Thank you!
Mary Lou Underwood – BWXT Y-12

Jeff’s presentation makes safety personal.  It really hits home.  It made me realize that every injury victim is somebody’s son, daughter, mother or father.  His presentation makes me take a much more personal look at all of my co-workers and step up in my safety commitment.
Duane Leitesman – Potlach Corp

Your ability to tell a story of this magnitude and the impact on yourself is just unbelievable and powerful. This is a great story and I would recommend it to everyone as a must! This is the best presentation I have been to in the past several years. God bless you.
Timothy Spiqelmeyer – Wilbur Chocolate

I liked that it was about personal experience with your son and it is a real heart filled presentation.  You drove home the point that we are the ones who can make a difference on our job.  I will take the lessons learned from this presentation to help make a safer environment at my mill.  This story needs to be told to more people.
Tim Terrell – 3M

Your story comes from someone so greatly impacted in so many ways rather than from someone just telling a story.  It really makes you stop and think.  I walked away with a sense of purpose to make a difference.  My son works with me and I sure never want to lose him at work.  What a wonderful tribute to Brian.
Anonymous – Columbia Forest Products

It takes great courage to share one’s personal life, especially when losing a loved one. I know that anyone of us can have a story like Brian’s if we do not constantly watch out for each other.  Your courage will influence others to think about personal safety.  Thank you for sharing this story with all of us.  One hour for this presentation is not enough.
Faron Rikard – Eastman Chemical

Jeff, you are a terrifically engaging and interesting speaker and story teller.  You placed the power of one into one’s heart.  It was terrific motivation.  Your evaluation asked what could be done to improve this presentation. You’ve got to be kidding!  It couldn’t get any better.  God bless you for sharing.
Anonymous – Mead Westvaco

Safety is as important away from our normal work place as it is when we are at work. This presentation stresses the importance of intervention no matter where you are.  It was an excellent job on Jeff’s part relaying that message.  It will help a lot of people to act and think “Is it safe?” and should they do it that way.  This story really touches people’s lives.  I have an 18 year old son that will soon be in the workplace.  It reminds me of the need to stress safety to my own son.
Mark Tuttle – AES CononcoPhillips

A powerful message that really hits home.  It makes you think; are you really doing your part to make a difference in safety?  I admire your courage to stand up and tell your story. There was a lot of effort in your presentation to show how safety can be a good part of the life of anyone.  Very moving, it made me feel like I knew Brian.
Anonymous – MidAmerican Energy Co.

Very touching and right to the heart.  Great examples and engagement with the audience. Heartfelt story about Brian, pictures add a very personal connection, the video is icing on the cake. Brian lives on through this presentation – the lesson of taking the time to do it right with no shortcuts will be taken back to my plant.  Thank you.
Tricia Ledo - Nucor Steel

Very good presentation, it really struck home about safety.  It is good to have a presentation on safety like this from someone who has experienced it.  It touched everyone that was here, all who attended will remember it.
Stephen Lewandowski – Florida Power and Light

Very impressive presentation… touched on the full range of my emotions.  The safety message will touch all people who hear it and can be used at home with my family and at work with my co-workers. Keep sharing your message and reach as many people as you can.  Thank you for your passion towards safety and sharing your personal experience.
Chris Phillips – Mead Westvaco