Step Up For Safety



Jeff Bell with his company Step Up For Safety specializes in motivational safety speeches and safety videos to help keep employees safe in a variety of working environments.

Motivations are more powerful when they are anchored in the depths of the human heart. In a moving and powerful presentation, Jeff Bell shares the true story of an accident that took the life of his son Brian Bell. Brian was a college student with less than a week left on his junior-senior summer job when he was killed in a totally preventable accident. “Brian’s Story” will open your eyes to what workplace safety is ultimately about.

Drawing comparisons between the workplace and a war zone, Jeff Bell emphasizes with a father’s intensity, the value of getting involved in your company’s safety efforts and the need to be willing to intervene with your co-workers. Jeff will inspire you to step up and make a difference in safety.

Some of Our Clients:

  • Exxon
  • Shell Oil
  • Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant
  • Columbia Forest Products
  • National Guard Bureau
  • Kroger
  • Arkema
  • Thompson Metals
  • Delta
  • Bartlett Tree Services
  • Tyson Foods
  • Robbins Airforce Base
  • Merck
  • Marathon Oil
  • Williams Pipeline
  • Eastman Chemicals
  • Equistar  Chemicals


To the Safety Committee,
I just wanted to extend a sincere thank you for arranging Mr. Bell to come in and speak to us this evening. Every safety meeting I have ever been a part of, even before Arkema, has been death by Power Point so to speak. For me it’s really hard to focus or even care when it’s just slide after slide with statistics on safety. The presentation tonight really hit home and was very heart felt on how important it is to remain safe ourselves and also keep an eye out for the person next to us. All too often we get caught up in doing the same tasks over and over, but for me those simple tasks received a new outlook. I can only thank Mr. Bell for having the courage to tell his story. I am truly grateful and I know my daughter will be thankful as well. Please forward this to anyone else who had a part in arranging Mr. Bell’s presentation tonight.